Reviews of the 10 Best Dating Sites

Best dating site reviewsSo what are the best dating sites? Anyone who has considered signing up for a dating site to meet that special someone can become very confused and disillusioned very quickly because of the amount of dating websites to choose from. There are so many good ones out there that it can be difficult to choose the best one. Some of the dating sites are very specific in the people they cater to and others are general in that anyone can join. The following are reviews of the 10 best dating sites:

  1. – is probably one of the best well known of all the online dating sites which is why it made our number one. It has a very large, varied, and active membership base. There is a search engine that you can use to find matches including custom searches. The site does not make matches for you but there are those who prefer to do their own searches. This is considered a general site as there are no predetermined qualifications
  2. EHarmony – The second best well known of dating sites is This site does not allow searches and instead uses their own patented algorithms based on extensive personality questionares plus profile match filters you pick such as city/state/age info to deliver about 5 daily candidates and matches to you. There are no search tools so those who would rather keep their profile private can appreciate this feature. This website is for those who are looking for a committed relationship and is not for those who are simply trying to meet new people. The founder, Dr. Warren Clark is a well known Christian relationship researcher that spent years researching what compatibility factors were most important in making marriages and long term relationships last. He is the one that patented the relationship matching algorithms. This is part of what makes stand out, as its true goal is to have you succeed in a long term relationship. As a result of this strong focus on long term relationships and marriage, over 50% of the members are Christians.
  3. – For those singles that are over fifty, you may not want to wade through a bunch of profiles that do not match your age expectations. With this senior dating site you can be assured that those matches you make are of a more mature age. This site has video profile, custom searches and a match me compatibility feature.
  4. Christian Mingle – Christian Mingle as its name implies is for those singles that are looking for other Christians to date. This is another of the specific dating sites as it caters only to those who have certain religious beliefs. There are search engines that allow singles to search out those who share the same moral and religious values. While other sites do allow you to search for those who share the same morals and religious beliefs, on this site you know everyone is Christian.
  5. JDate – Another site that is based on the religious views of their singles is JDate which is for those who are from a Jewish background. This is the most popular and best Jewish Dating site online, and offers matches as well as a search function for those who prefer to find their own dates. This is dedicated to those who are looking for a serious relationship.
  6. Perfect Match – Perfect Match may not be one of the more well known of all the general dating sites but it does offer quite a bit to its users. You can search for your perfect match or you can allow the site to determine which matches are perfect for you. It is also one of the easiest sites to navigate and offers a wide variety of people to choose from.
  7. – This website is dedicated to those who are looking for a committed relationship and who want to date one person long term. It does not allow for searching which means all profiles are private unless the site has made a match for you. The matching system is complicated but effective. It is the main competitor to, as they both use detailed personality and interest questionares, and deliver the matches right to you on a regular basis. That’s really a time saver if you do not have hours every day to search. Normal sites allow members that do not match your requirements to message and IM you (to spam you at times), which can be annoying.
  8. – Those who have children may have found that they are having a tough time getting to know other singles who do not mind children. With, all the singles are single parents so this is not an issue. There are no matches and instead single parents search for their own matches based on the profiles of others.
  9. Be Naughty – Finally, for those who really are not looking for a commitment or a long term relationship, there is Be Naughty. Be Naughty offers the chance to simply date and to make new friends. This does not offer matches since the point of the site is a no strings approach to dating. Instead, users can search for those singles who they find attractive and there is no pressure to start a relationship with the first person that they meet.
  • Zoosk – One of the best free dating sites is Zoosk and they have a huge data base full of people just waiting for a date. They offer both searches and matches based on algorithms for those who want the best of both worlds. This is considered one of the more entertaining sites because it is not based on commitments or relationships, but dating too.

While there are a wide variety of dating sites that made our top 10 list, there are still others out there that do offer the same search criteria and matching algorithms as these sites do. Some are good sites, and some are better. The best dating site for you is the one you are most comfortable with, gives you success in finding dates online, and offers you value.

The point is to find the one that you feel comfortable using and one that will offer you the most choices. After all, it is very rare to meet only one person online and find the person who you spend the rest of your life with. While it is easier than meeting people in real life, there is some trial and error that must take place. This is not to say that it cannot happen, but realistically you may have to date a few people before you find the best “one” and decide to settle down.